Our Story

We are Rebecca and Andrea, two moms and the founders of WestMav.
Never in a million years did we think we would become this passionate about baby clothing. But then, we became moms to two little boys, Weston and Maverick. Dressing up our little ones in the most adorable outfits became an absolute joy and a lifelong dream come true.

But we quickly realized that "cute" didn't always cut it. The front zipper always seemed to get in the way. And don't even get us started on the weather – constantly changing outfits to match the temperature? Not our idea of fun! Whether it was scorching hot outside, demanding something more breathable, or chilly with the need for extra warmth, it felt like a never-ending outfit-changing marathon.

Drawing from our own experiences, we both realized bamboo clothing was a game-changer when it came to regulating our kids' temperatures, and it significantly reduced the need for constant outfit changes.

We began researching bamboo fabric. Most importantly, bamboo viscose. It didn’t take us long to discover that this fabric is incredible in many ways. It is hypoallergenic, highly absorbent, breathable, and very soft. Plus, with the combination of spandex, our kids could wear bamboo clothing much longer than others because of how stretchy they were! That's when the light bulb moment happened, and WestMav was born. We knew there had to be a better way, and we were determined to create it.

Why the name WestMav?

We were eager to incorporate our sons' names into the heart of our company, making it uniquely personal. After some deep thought and a bit of wine-induced brainstorming, the perfect idea struck us! Why not take the first syllable from each of our sons' names? And just like that, WestMav was born.

But That's Not All!

We are not just moms; we're also total beach enthusiasts. That's why the colors you'll find in our WestMav collection are all about capturing the coastal vibes that we adore. So, get ready to dive into a world of functional, stylish, and oh-so-comfy bamboo viscose baby pajamas inspired by the beauty of the seaside