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What is your clothing made of?

WestMav clothing is crafted from a harmonious blend of 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex, ensuring the pinnacle of comfort.

Why go with bamboo?

Bamboo, a natural fiber, yields a luxuriously soft and snug fabric that offers unparalleled comfort, even for the most delicate skin. One of bamboo's exceptional traits lies in its adaptability to all weather conditions; it keeps you refreshingly cool during scorching days and cozily warm on chilly ones. Coupled with its breathability and robustness, bamboo emerges as the perfect choice for our little ones.

Did you know that bamboo fabric ranks among the most environmentally friendly textiles globally? Bamboo, a tropical grass, grows at an astonishing pace, sometimes reaching up to 3 feet a day! The remarkable thing about bamboo cultivation is that it requires no pesticides, chemicals, or heavy machinery, making it an entirely natural and sustainable farming process. Moreover, bamboo gives back generously by producing a substantial amount of oxygen—30% more than most plants and trees. It's truly a win-win for both comfort and the plane

Where are your products made?

Our products originate from a BSCI certified manufacturing facility in China, while their designs are crafted in the USA.

How do you take care of the clothing?

To ensure the lasting quality of your WestMav clothing, we recommend a few care tips. Wash them inside out in cold water on a gentle cycle, and when it's time to dry, hang them up or lay them flat. For optimal results and to prevent any potential fabric pilling, we advise washing them alongside similar fabrics, avoiding contact with items like towels or Velcro.

Bamboo fabric, while wonderfully delicate, can develop pilling when in contact with other materials. Rest assured, though, that any pilling won't impact the functionality of your beloved clothes. Your little ones can continue to enjoy their comfort and style!

Do your onesies come with fold over footies and hands?

Every onesie features convenient fold-over foot cuffs along with grippy soles to keep those little feet steady. Plus, all sizes come with fold-over hand cuffs for added versatility and comfort.

Why is there no front zipper?

Our vision was to create a visually appealing onesie, but the traditional front zipper posed a design challenge. That's when we made the clever choice of the inseam zipper, ensuring both aesthetics and easy diaper changes seamlessly come together.